Suryanamaskar (yoga)

surya namaskar is the first step of yoga. after Surya namaskar, you can do yogic exercises easily and effectively.

Method: stand on a mat on the ground in attention is very beneficial if this exercise is done in front of the rising sun.

1: when you are inattentive posture fold both hands in front of chest (palms and fingers of both hands should be touching each other)thumbs should be touching throat cavity. try to press the chest lightly with elbows and arms. mentally visualize sun in front of you. concentrate on god in which you believe
you can chant Surya mantra once only and with practice standing timings can be increased. this is the first position of Surya Namaskar.

2: Inhale and stretch the hands in front. Keep hands parallel to head and now bend backward to the extent possible. After staying in this position for some time, exhale and enter in the third position. Your hands should be in a namaskar position over the head (purvotanasana).

3: Exhale and while bending the hands in front try to touch the hands-on ground and try to touch the head with the knees (padhastasana). after staying in this position for sometime enter in the 4rth position.

4: Take your right legs backward, right toe should be touching the ground. head and chest are raised up. folded left leg is between your hands and now inhale completely.

5: Now exhale and take left legs backward. It should be exactly with the right leg. Stretch your body, straighten your legs and hands. The whole weight of body will be in feet and hands, hold your breath. After staying in the position for some time enter in 6th position.

6: Keeping the hands, legs, and toes steady touch the knees and chest and forehead on the ground. hips, stomach, and elbows are slightly raised up. This position is called sastangasasana. it means by touching eight organs of the body(both feet, knees, hands, chest, and forehead)hold the breath out.

7: Inhale deeply and slowly and raise your body up to the navel. Take the support of hands and waist, elbows are slightly bent. Try to keep the hand at the back as much as you can (bhujangasana) after staying in the position for some time now you can go 8th position.

8: By putting equal weight on both palms and touching complete soles on ground lift waist, stomach, and hips. the head should be between arms. push your body back. so that heels should also touch the ground. hold the breath out(sumerasana). Now while holding breath bring left leg in front of you and now go to the 9th position.

9: bring left leg near the chest and between your hands(rajkapotasana) do it while inhaling. After staying in this position for some time, you can go 10th position.

10: Now bring the second leg also in front of you straighten your knees. Touch your head with knees. Exhale and hold the breath out. palms should be touching ground near the legs.

11: Inhale very slowly and raise your hands and pull your body upwards. Try to make balance in your body and hand backward. After staying in the position for some time you can go 12th position.

12: While exhaling fold your chest and worship god sun and meditate. This is the first position also. now bring both hands down and stand in attentive position and take rest. this completes the first cycle. First of all, take right leg at the back and in the second cycle first take left leg at the back. In this way, Surya Namaskar can be done 4,6 to 8 times.


1: After Surya Namaskar, you feel more energetic and enthusiastic.

2: With Surya Namaskar, respiratory system becomes strong. You become strong.physically and mentally. It also helps you improve your character.

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